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Why Hire a Public Adjuster

We Work For You:
Your insurance company works for their own company to protect their interests and profits. The insurance adjuster they will send to inspect your property is NOT on your side and will try to minimize the cost of damages to your property so the insurance company will pay you less. With IPA Consulting Group you’re ensuring representation who will work for you and protect your interests solely and not the interests of the insurance company.

Maximize the Settlement:
IPA Consulting Group will deliver a dedicated work ethic to maximize the amount of money you’ll receive for your  claim. WE know what your damages are worth and what should be included in your claim recovery to ensure the maximum amount you are entitled to. Our presence on your claim will deliver a significant difference in how much money you’ll receive from the insurance company.

Remove Emotions from the Process: 

It is very common during the claim process to become stressed and worried due to the damage to your property. This can lead to mistakes while filing the claim or towards settling for a lesser amount just to be rid of the process. When you retain IPA Consulting Group our job is to focus on delivering the highest financial recovery for your claim.

Experience and Education:
It is not surprising that you likely do not have much if any experience dealing with an insurance claim, it is not uncommon that you may not be well versed in the local laws for insurance claims, and it is likely that you do not have any training that will help you maximize your financial settlement. However, the experienced professionals at IPA Consulting Group do possess the education, experience, and history of success to help you maximize your settlement.

Payment is Made from the Claim: 
There is no upfront or out of pocket expense to retain IPA Consulting Group to represent you. We work on a contingency basis for a percentage of the collected funds. WE DO NOT GET PAID UNTIL YOU GET A SETTLEMENT

You are going to want to make certain that you have properly indemnified your recovery amount to restore your home or business. Being represented by the professionals at IPA Consulting Group is critical in your quest for the maximum recovery settlement. We are committed to assisting you recover all that is due to cover the damages to your property.

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